US RSE Community: any existing efforts?


I’m interested in connecting with or starting a RSE-type association in the US (for practioners, so related to but different from what URSSI is doing). I’ve been thinking more broadly than just RSE: something along the lines of people who write code for (other) researchers - to bring in computational social science folks, data science, statistical consultants, possibly bioinformatics people in addition to people who would consider themselves software developers. I’d also like to focus on folks who are staff or otherwise in primarily supporting roles regardless of actual title or position.

Anyone else out there thinking about this? I don’t want to duplicate existing efforts. And if there isn’t anything (I haven’t found what I’ve been looking for yet), I’d love to connect with anyone else interested in building a community.


See for some work that has started but has been slow. You could use issues there to talk to some of the other people. There’s also a slack channel ( that you can join - use for an invitation.

All of this came out of the last question on the US RSE survey we did last year, where we asked people if they were interested in organizing a US RSE group.