URSSI workshop 1 report + follow-up


We released a report on the first workshop (April, Berkeley) yesterday:

We welcome follow-up discussion in this thread or in a new thread.


Dan pointed me to the URSSI report. It touches on some important points. There are two related things I think are vital to sustainability:

  1. All too often projects are open source in name only. Having a repo on github that is publicly readable along with an Open Source license is not enough. It takes effort to foster a contributor culture that creates a vibrant community around a product. Take a look at JupyterHub to see a strong commitment to community – There are a number of things that are required before an Opensource project takes off and starts receiving significant contributions and support from the community.

  2. Related to the first issue is the absolute requirement for CI/CD which includes high unit test code coverage. It’s important for sustainability to make sure that the software works as intended. As a contributor to a sophisticated software repo, I wouldn’t feel confident to make a Pull Request unless I know that I haven’t broken anything in parts of the system I may not understand. As a leader of a project I wouldn’t accept code from someone I don’t know unless I can see how it is tested.

Also the report mentions the problem with paying for support of Open Source software. I think there should be some discussion about figuring out a pattern for spinning out Redhat like companies that can monetize this open source software to help fund sustainability.

These are the thoughts that came immediately to mind.