URSSI sustainability officer?


Someone at the first URSSI workshop (sorry, I forgot who) suggested that one of the roles that an URSSI institute should have is a sustainability officer, meaning a person who’s role is to think about and plan for the sustainability of the institute itself. This could be a part-time role, and it perhaps could be combined with a community manager role.

I think this makes sense, and am recording it here

  1. to have it recorded somewhere
  2. to see what others think


I think that there’s a big difference between “thinking about and planning for” the sustainability of the institute and “implementing plans for” the sustainability of the institute. Fundraising/development work is a full-time job, and I’m not convinced that something as important as the long-term sustainability of the institute should be set on the shoulders of a part-time person.

Also, community management, while certainly involving very important networking and relationship-building work, is not necessarily especially aligned with fundraising/development work.