Suggestions for topics for working groups at the second workshop in Chicago, October 23-24 2018


The next URSSI workshop will take place in Chicago, IL at the Illini Center from October 23-24 2018. This workshop follows the successful concept of the first workshop in Berkeley with an open format with some invited talks and mostly working groups. Participants can suggest and select per working group session topics they would like to discuss. Anyone interested in URSSI who would like to see specific topics covered in a community-driven discussion can suggest them here. The registration will be open soon and is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Topics at the Berkeley workshop included the following areas and topics.

  1. Issues that are unique to software development, usability, and acknowledgement
  • Improving software usability
  • Credit for Research Open Source
  • Tools for Sustainability
  • Reproducibility
  1. Training and workforce development, including the potential for building upon existing models, and designing new methods of instruction
  • Research Projects Carpentry
  • Development Practices
  1. The Sustainability of research software engineers (RSEs) as the human infrastructure of scientific software
  • Research Software Engineers and career paths
  • How do we improve diversity of the pipeline?
  • Valuing Faculty Software Contributions
  1. The sustainability of software projects through organizational and institutional best practices
  • Collaboration between academic and national labs
  • Governance and sustainability models
  • Improving funding for software maintenance
  • Building community roadmaps
  • Open source software: bridge between research in academia and industry
  1. Meta discussions
  • How does URSSI relate to SSI and other related efforts?

We would like to know whether there are topics you would like to see to be covered additionally. Votes for discussing a topic again are also very welcome. We would take care of that results of discussions which have taken place in Berkeley are presented so that the working groups can build on the existing discussions and cover additional aspects.


How can we restructure the incentives for researchers to care about the quality and sustainability of the code they contribute? How to reward code authors in a similar way to how the community reward paper authors?