Restructuring the incentives for Sustainable Research Software


In the research community, the incentive is to produce papers. Code contributions are not valued even if they are broadly used. There is an urgent need to be able to reward and recognize researchers for their sustainable code contributions. Please propose approaches to restructure incentives to achieve that goal.


A paper that uses blockchain to reward researchers for their code contributions:


I think it has to become a valued part of tenure review. URSSI could develop proposed guidelines/metrics for assessing “sustainable code contributions” as part of tenure review processes.


I strongly agree. And to do this, we must have an objective consistent method to evaluate code contributions whether it is small code fragments to an existing open source projects or complete software systems.


I think that’s a lovely dream that will not ever come to fruition.

On the other hand, there are efforts already underway to develop at least an explicit, measurable system to assess the health of open source projects. See for example Mozilla’s CHAOSS project.


CHAOSS is definitely interesting. Here is another innitiative that targets research software called Susereum.