High level open source & project & governance consulting


URSSI could offer high-level consulting to projects, perhaps as part of incubation or perhaps outside of it:

Someone from URSSI works with them to understand the project and its goals, and suggests policies and mechanisms for the project. This would provide specialized expertise that some small projects cannot afford; which might make the project better (and help them make a better case for competitive funding).

If this was not part of the incubation process, it could also be an activity where URSSI is written into the project’s grant to supply this expertise, or could be provided as a service for a fee.


Yes, please!

And it’s necessary to revisit these processes as the project grows and changes. It’s not a one time thing.

Also we, at least Astropy, needs this now. I’ll be sending emails around shortly looking for folks to help advise us on setting up a mgmt structure which involves paying people for their contributions. This is a big change for us both practically and culturally.